Field day” at “Ratu Chak” village district Narowal Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pakistan is a country in which 70% people live in different villages & remote areas. The villagers keep the animals which are source of earning for their livelihood. Due to economic problems and deficiency of knowledge about the welfare of animals, they do not do required care of animals.
Taking the notice of this main drw back, VCO arranges “Field Days” in which the main purpose is to make a noise about the welfare of animals & disseminate the knowledge in farmers through lectures in local language. In the field day, free vaccination against different diseases, deworming & treatment of sick animals is the main focusing point. These field days are also for the purpose to provide the technical skills to the veterinary students.
In continouing of its activities, VCO arranged a “Field day” at “Ratu Chak” village district Narowal Pakistan on Sunday, March 19, 2006. This field day was arranged at the eve of milking competition held by the district livestock department Narowal. District Nazim Dr. Naimat Ullah Javed was chief guest in the event. District Livestock Officer Narowal, Dr. Nayyar Maqsood was also present on the event. The prizes were distributed among the owners of the position winning animals in the competition. About 19 veterinary students & doctors from the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore Pakistan participated in the field day being member of Vets Care Organization pakistan. All the students were introduced to district nazim turn by turn. Dr. Naimat Ullah Javed inaugurated the camp by administring de-wormer to a young calf with his hand. After this, Vets Care team started their work. According to the official recoird of VCO, 256 animals were freely dewormed.
Free De-worming
Goat/Sheep                   48
Donkeys                        12
Calves                           27
Buffalo/Cow                169
Total                            256
In the area, there was out break of Foot & Mouth Disease (FMD). The VCO treated 31 cases of FMD in the area. This covered Ratu Chak, Shanghu & Abial Dogar of district Narowal.
The dewormers & medicines were provided by Symans Pharmaceutical (Pvt) Ltd and Pakistan Medicose Lahore. Vets Care is hearily thankful to both of them.

Appareciation certificates among the participients were distributed. Dr. Tanveer Hussain, Dr. Rao Intizar, Dr. Syed Mubashir, Mr. Waqas Tahir, Mr. Abdul rehman, Mr. Tanveer Ahmed, Mr. Ilyas,Mr. Asad Ali, Mr. Talha Sajjad, Mr. Abdul Qadus, Mr. Irfan Saleem, Mr. Arshad, Mr. Waseem Shaukat, Mr. Ammad tehsin, Mr. Muhammad Waqas, Mr. Umair Shafi, Mr. Musawir Rehman & Mr.Malik Muhammad Ali attended the field day. Dr. Rana Shaukat Hussain was the chief organizer of the field day.