Free Animal Treatment & De-worming Camp at “Bama Bala” Tehsil Renala Khurd District Okara 9th of November 2008″

In connection to the World Animal Day, Vets Care Organization, Pakistan (VCO) organized a Free Animal Treatment & De-worming Camp in village “Bama Bala” Tehsil Renala Khurd District Okara on Sunday 9th of November 2008. About 85 volunteer veterinarians and veterinary students including 8 females participated in the camp in the supervision of Dr. Ejaz Ahmad Rao (Advisor, Vets Care Club; Veterinary Officer, Ravi Campus). Participants attended a welcome briefing session at Bama Bala Village, where they were briefed about the aims and objectives of the camp. Large number of farmers and villagers were also present on the occasion. Vets Care Club’s President Waseem Shaukat highlighted the importance of the World Animal Day and urged the public to take care of their animals and treat them as live beings. He emphasized to protect the animals and respect nature.
Afterwards, the volunteers were divided into four teams, and sent to the nearby villages. Each team in their respective villages approached large number of animals. Parasites are major problem in Pakistan that causes stress to animals and make them prone to various diseases easily. Therefore, all animals were de-wormed and the sick animals were treated and provided with the necessary medicines. According to the official records, 934 animals including cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goat, donkeys, horses, mules and dogs were approached. There were many animals having serious cases (like mastitis, Johnes disease, arthritis, coccidiosis, hypocalcemia, babesiosis, tick fever etc…) which were examined and treated with necessary medicines free of cost.

Medicines were provided by Symans Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd Lahore, Medi-Vet (Pvt) Ltd Lahore, Prix Pharma (Pvt) Ltd Lahore. Vets Care Organization is thankful to all the companies for their cooperation in arranging this Free Animal Treatment & De-worming Camp. Vets Care Club is thankful to the “University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore” for providing the transport facility; without which the camp was never possible. We are also thankful to Nambardar Abdul Qayyum Lashari, Haji Ijaz Lashari, their colleagues and farmers who helped us in arranging this camp in their villages and . Last but not the least; we are thankful to all the volunteer veterinarians and veterinary students for sparing their time for this noble cause, especially Dr. Ejaz Ahmad Rao for supervising the camp.
Vets Care Organization Pakistan commits to continue its efforts to make Pakistan an ideal friendly and cruelty free environment for animals where humans respect all earthlings.