World Veterinary Day (25th of April 2009)

Last saturday of April is celebrated as the “World Veterinary Day” every year. This year, Saturday 25th of April was celebrated as World Veterinary Day around the globe with the theme, “Veterinarians and Livestock Farmers: A Winning Partnership” The WVD is an event to celebrate the key contribution of the veterinarians to the society.
Joining hands with the International Community, Vets Care Organization Pakistan (VCO) declared the WVD as Free Treatment Day at the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Lahore to mark the World Veterinary Day. The objective was to provide free treatment as well as medicines to all animals coming for treatment at the Outdoor Hospital of the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Lahore. The University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Lahore is the oldest veterinary institute in Asia (established as a Veterinary School in 1882) and is therefore playing a key role in animal health. The outdoor hospital of the U.V.A.S is a famous and historical veterinary hospital in Lahore and therefore, people bring their animals here for treatment and expert veterinary advice. Vets Care Organization had therefore planned to set up free treatment arrangements at the university’s outdoor hospital to strengthen the relationship between veterinarians and livestock farmers/animal owners on the eve of World Veterinary Day.

The Day started with the formal inauguration by the UVAS Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nawaz. Present at the occasion were also Vets Care Club Patron Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha (Dean Faculty of Livestock Business Management UVAS), Prof. Dr. Naseem Ahmad (Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Science UVAS), Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sarwar Khan (Professor of Medicine/Former Chairman CMS), Mr. Attique-ur-Rehman (UVAS Registrar), Dr. Kamran Ashraf (Associate Professor Parasitology), Dr. Asim Khalid Mahmood (Assistant Professor Medicine), Dr. Zia-ur-Rehman (Lecturer Medicine/ Advisor, Vets Care Club), Vets Care Club President Waseem Shaukat and others. Vice Chancellor inaugurated the day by cutting the ribbon at outdoor hospital. The guests were briefed about the aims and objectives of this occasion, which they appreciated a lot. Vice Chancellor lauded the leading role of Vets Care Club of the UVAS in arranging various activities related to animal health and welfare. He emphasized to make collaboration with livestock farmers, so that a winning partnership between veterinarians and farmers, be developed in real sense.
A large number of veterinary students voluntarily remained present at the Outdoor hospital whole day to provide veterinary care to all incoming cases on that day. Special announcements regarding free treatment were made through electronic and print media few days before the final day. Large number of animals (including sheep, goat, horses, donkeys, buffaloes etc) were received at outdoor, examined and provided free technicalities and medicines. There were many serious cases (like PPR, surgical cases, colic etc…) which requires expensive medication and many of the times, poor farmers remain unable to get their animals treated due to financial problems, and animals remain sick and go through painful life. This event especially provided an opportunity to help such farmers and their animals. People were happy to see free treatment of their animals and were thankful to the Vets Care Organization and Vets Care Club for free treatment of their animals. “I wish that every day would be a World Veterinary Day, so that we can get free treatment and medicines for our animals”, one farmer commented, after getting free treatment of his goat. The camp remained open from 8  in the morning till 6 in the evening.
The activity was provided coverage by PTV News, FM 103, Daily The News, Daily Dawn, Daily Express, Daily Jinnah, Daily Azkar etc…
VCO is thankful to all pharmaceutical companies who cooperated in arranging this activity.  We are also thankful to the visitors for encouraging the volunteers. Special thanks to all those volunteers who spared their time at U.V.A.S Outdoor Hospital and provided their technicalities for this noble cause.
Apart from this free treatment day, beautiful banners and posters were displayed all over the campus to pay tribute to the long lasting services of the veterinarians. A field day is also being planned to be held in May for providing awareness to farmers in rural areas about animal health, management, nutrition and animal rights. Various lectures will be delivered in local language and free vaccination and/or de-worming will be practiced along with free treatment. Details will be released soon inshAllah.

A National Conference was also held on Zoonotic Diseases by UVAS Faculty of Veterinary Science and Pakistan Medical Society at University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Lahore with reference to the World Veterinary Day. A live program of 40 minutes on Radio FM 103 was also broadcasted on April 28 in which Vets Care Club’s President Waseem Shaukat talked on veterinarian’s role in animal health and welfare as well as public health and food safety. He urged the need of paying attention to animal health because “Healthy Animals-Healthy Humans”, he said.