To kill any living thing is prohibited in every religion & is also considered unethical in every civilized societies. Stray dog population is increasing day by day in Pakistan. More than 60,000 dogs were reported in Lahore. Due to increase number of this stray dog population number of dog bite cases is also increasing in Pakistan. 7-9.8 cases per million populations reported annually in Karachi. To end rabies in sanitation departments have killed more than 250,000 dogs in a last decade. But there number is still increasing despite of too much killing because lack of long term planning. Vets Care Organization always supported cruel free environment for animals.

For this Vets Care Organization Pakistan introduced Animal Birth Control Program first time in Pakistan & established a 3 days pilot project 26th, 27th & 28th of September 2012 in Gowshala near river Ravi edge Lahore & adopted a procedure of neutering (only male dogs) followed by 2 days treatment & rabies vaccination shot.

Vets Care Organization is thankful to Government of Punjab-Dr. Tariq Ramazan District Officer Department of Public health Lahore, Mrs. Saira Umer Assistant Commissioner Lahore & Mr. Ali Bukahri Town Municipal Officer & his staff in establishing this camp.

Vets Care Organization is also thankful to Dr. Afzal (Registrar UVAS, Lahore) for providing support in this regard.

Last but not least we are also thankful for our volunteers who participated & make this activity fruitful.